“Pain And Suffering” (Poem)

There’s a pain inside that I’m slowly freeing

As time goes by it’s slowly killing

It took away my life’s meaning

The reason why I want to stop living.


I could feel my heart uncontrollably aching

Flashing back from the times of suffering

You can hardly say you’re sorry for something

What are you? You’re simply good for nothing.


I really thought that you we’re understanding

But you let me down my darling

Now I know why you’re not worth loving

The attention I’ve given to you was time wasting.


But still, it’s you I keep on thinking

As time passes by it’s slowly fading

And after all the pain and suffering

You’d made me a strong human being.


“Types of Modern Day Inner Demons” (And the simple most basic applicable ways on how to address them.)

1.  Lust – (Always keep yourself busy. Always tap on to prayer ’cause it’s spiritually helpful in order to come to a higher sense of disinterest in the carnal/worldly.)

2. Envy/ Discontentment – (Always count your blessings no matter how big or unnoticeably small it is. Be grateful and thankful in everything that’s been given.)

3. Pride/ Ego – (Always be humble. Always be a servant to other people instead of being served or adored.)

4. Bitterness/ Hatred – (Always instill a forviging heart inspite of or despite what the cause. Without holding back.)

5. Avarice/ Too much Self-Centeredness – (Always be the kind of person who always share, may it be anything useful for survival. May it be foods, extra used clothings to under privileged or people who just been victims of disaster, some extra penny to our roaming homeless brethren helplessly lost in the streets.
And better yet why not share the spiritual teachings that you learned from your church, your christian congregation, and even from your personal self study of the Bible.)

6. Temper/ Grudge – (Always openly talk out everything to your fellow friend, brother, relative or even to people whom your not likely to be accustomed with, whenever difference arise within your invisible yet most likely unpredictable, only human feelings.
Just always simply be open to others, while often delight in peace and harmony within the inner reaches of the community
you’re presently involved in.)

7. Insecurity/ Self-Pity – (Faith in the Lord first and foremost, then come along faith and strength within oneself that the Holy Spirit would instill upon it’s believing people.)

8. Vanity/ Self Esteem – (It’s ok to be vain sometimes cause it just shows how much confidence and determination our present day millennials have. And like it or not, there are some people who like to flourish/nourish their self esteem on a regular basis, because to them it may be empowering to some extent, and yet normally, in the natural course of human nature we all need to replenish our self esteem every now and then, because we all need to grow not just in physicality but also in the mind, in spirit and psychologically in the right way through the heart.
As long as you know how to control it and be able to determine you points of limitation.)

9. Indolence/ Mañana Habbit – (Amongst most of all our inner demons, this is what likely is the most easiest one to address if acted upon abruptly, and have that attitude to never tolerate unfinished work/job. It’s typically a fact that once you finally finished your job, we always get that sense of self valuation and accomplishment to strive for something more.)

10. Insensitive/Being Over Frank; Disregard Of Others Feelings –
(We must always filter and control whatever words or things we might say to others that mostly comes from our thoughts, for it will remain a sting or a stain to the other persons life, no matter how unintentional we intended to have made that wrong remark. It is always wise to just keep your cool and just keep silent when you knew there’s nothing much more worth verbally relaying into that could help the situation. And just let it pass you.)

11. Dishonesty;  Lies – (It is really crude to keep feeding people around you with unnecessary information, or untruthful fact that may in some way hurt someone’s well guarded reputation. Truly the act of lying for some might be inevitable in a given uncharted circumstance, but it doesn’t mean that the person committing that sin/act is internally unchangeable,  if only the cause of the fault did really have a significant reason and a valid purpose.)


12. Failure/ Frustration – (Always bear an ever accepting heart no matter what the result in that endeavor/advocacy you had long been fighting on, or in anything you had just invested yourself into, may it be application for work, a try in micro business, a risk in taking on a new relationship, etc. Remember that every defeat and every pitfall has it’s hidden valuable reason which the only one up above knows. You just need to learn to trust. And always have faith in trying, be persistent/ persevering even despite the great odds. But most of all always posses a positive outlook that one day, in God’s appointed time for you, whatever plans or goals you had whole-heartedly delve yourself into, it will all soon come to fruition and come to pass in order to serve its fateful purpose.)


#Everything Would Be Easy If You Don’t Think Its Hard, As Simple As That.

Different Simple Ways We Take For Granted To Ease Out Stress or Distress

1. Time to be all by one’s self, all alone in meditation.

2. Doing the usual home chores, get yourself busy on tasks. That can be somehow sensefully rewarding in a way and help you think or easily figure out a way to get through anything that is/had been mind bothering to you.

3. Eating sweets or foods that have good tastes.

4. Washing up or taking a bath, is the easiest way to channel to your senses once you have cleaned yourself up.

5. Arrange or organize your room neatly or orderly. It always refreshes the mind whenever you see your personal surroundings harmoniously neat and clean.

6. Get busy on mobile games or any software games that always stimulates the rush on your mind such as strategy games or the like.

7. Always maintain a positive vibe and inspirational mind setting no matter how troublesome or irksome reality of everyday life throws at you.

8. Always have time for silence and prayer. Communicate with your creator every now and then, always be appreciative and thankful for all the blessings that came your way, and always ask for his aid. And most of all be attentively honest and open to acknowledge your everyday shortcomings no matter how big or small it may be.

9. Always be discerning to the needs of other people. It can always give you a sense of worthyness once you lend a helpful hand towards the needs of others most esp. the once in need.

10. Watch movies or tv scenes that have a deep sense that could connect to what your going through most esp. the inspirational and meaningful ones that are shown every now and then. It could be nourishing to some extent most esp. at low times when your inner self is feeling broken or restless.

11. Connect with old and new friends. The old ones which can make you recall your sense of purpose and worth as to why you exist here in this temporal material plane you are thriving onto. And the new ones that can inspire you to believe and hope again that there’s always a bright future waiting ahead. Fresh new beginning and ideas are always enlightening and could sometimes awaken the courage of a warrior and the wisdom of a sensei in you, not to mention the pouring out of the deep well of hopeless romanticness of romance from an underrated hero patiently awaiting to thrust out the sword of his reckless unfaded love.

12. Most important of all, always find time to rest at least 8 hours a day. The basic golden rule that up to now is always effective and manifests productivity in all human aspects. A sense of comfort after a hard days work with some emotional reconsolence every here and unto.

“Before You”  (A Love’s Poem)

Before i met you,

   life was miserable…

Everything seems worthless

    no sense at all.

I didn’t cared about anything,

     it’s unexplainable

It seemed like something’s missing,

    it’s unacceptable.

So I started searching,

   it’s quite a struggle

But I kept on fighting, 

    until I won the battle.

The reward was tempting 

     to meet someone who’s simple.

Actually it’s not embarrassing

   to admit that it’s you after all.

Computer Gadgetry Terminology, Real Life Metaphors

As weird as it sounds and as absurd as it can get, we somehow all need this things that peculiarly metaphors and connects to our modern day real life. These kinds of things, in computer gadgetry and terminology that we frequently encounter everyday that we fail to take notice in our modern high tech and fast pace cyber society of today.

As to how it is connected and why it is important are all based from my personal opinion and experiences in life. Our perceptions might vary along the way, but I’ll just give out the idea for you to have something to think on and scan over.

1. Back-up Data – (Back-up Plan)                                            Soft copy, Hard copy

In real life, we all always need a back-up plan just in case the main thing/ main plan accidentally fails, just like the back up data on a computer ever in case it’s accidentally erased or the unit shutdown. The soft copy refers to the written plan lay out, while the hard copy refers to the already been done and laid down (actual) behind the scenes Plan B.

2. (Imaginary) Recycle Bin

An imaginary trash/recycle bin for unmanifested plans/thoughts that never came to reality may be essential for two reasons. One, you might go over it again one day cause you’ll never know it could be useful to you on that time. Second, to put finality or closure on one significant distracting life’s jolt, in order to avoid confusion that somehow could be bothersome to you in the near future.  An imaginary trash bin can simply be relayed on a notepad or a piece of paper as your personal list of pending and passing plans/thoughts.

3. (Occasional) Resets/Shutdowns

Just like the modern day P.C. gadgets, we as physically, and as well as psychologically vulnerable beings need some, if not regular, but rather some occasional break or rest from time to time. So as to avoid exhaustion, over usage, and worst… disintegration/deterioration. An unplanned travel to a random faraway nature/scenic place may do most especially with someone you hold special.

4. Free Storage Space

There’s a basic rule in regards with the software world. That is to free up some storage space in order to make the function of an operation or a program more efficient. In layman’s terms, we should never overcrowd ourselves with unnecessary hassles or useless ventures, instead we should often leave some space for some other much greater things that is yet to come.

5. Constant Upgrade

Just like the computer we need to constantly improve and upgrade ourselves by consistently taking risks and challenges that could somehow enhance our way of thinking as well as to transform our outlook in life to a much more realistically practical and more open minded sense as individuals.

6. R.O.M. – Read Only Memory

As we grow older, we all have our own strong central beliefs and life’s principles to which we grow upon and to die for. Just like the R.O.M. program in a basic modern day gadgetry/computer, it is something that can’t be touched or taken away by anyone or anything.

7. R.A.M. – Random Access Memory

Throughout the stretch of our life’s journey we encounter distinct experiences and meet certain people that leaves us an everlasting stain of some priceless life’s lessons and valuable learnings that we meld with our own thus molding us to a much more better individual/person for the future.

8. (Smooth sailing) Network Connection

In order to be effectively productive, most businesses’ workstations, must always have and consistently maintain this one important element, and that is a fast smooth sailing net connection. In retrospect with the human psyche, a fast sailing connection can be referenced to his emotional as well as psychological built up at everyday’s start. So it is very crucial to him/her to begin everyday & everything with firm inspirational outpour, combined with some positive vibe/outlook throughout the rest of the laboring day, so as and in order to be competently productive.

9. Basic Parts…

a) Monitor – a sound mind to envisualize the master plan;

b) Keyboard/Mouse – The part where the specific taskings are wielded to be done;

c) System Unit – Without the heart, all the functionality of a gadget or P.C. will go  spiraling down since nothing can be processed without the circulatory function/system.

11. User

Without the one who manually operate, any man made artificial gadgetry will cease to function. Make sure you’re the one who take full control of your own ride in life. Unswayed by any outer glimmer of influence. Because there’s no best thing that can be done in this short lived realm but something that is done all by your own decisions and on your own efforts. With some spark of gutsy confidence and cleverly unique ingenuity to add.

12. Printer

The crafter/producer of the final output. We all need some already manifested/materialized life’s achievements, in order to not only serve our fair purpose, but also to propel our motivation and enthusiasm to do even more. These attainments of goals can oftentimes be as grand as a fullfilment or success in career or business, or as simple and modest as reaching a much deeper core of personal/spiritual enlightenment that can be usefully shared to a still wandering lost flock of believing brethrens. A humble modest achievement of  just helping others.

“LIFE” (The Poem)

I’m glad to had written this poem almost two decades ago in the year sometime in 2000 or 2001, I could not specifically remember what date but I’m pretty sure of the in between years when I wrote it. I just thought of sharing this one, because of the fact that it still really personally bugs me, that after one and a half decade of writing this what I thought back then was just as a plain simple hobby of mine in order to practice and improve my literary writing skills (back then I was still in my college freshmen years), yet now it is slowly unfolding into a prediction and it’s becoming so apparent that it could apply to the current situation now… most specifically in this current passing generation, knowing long years had already passed.

Anyways what is important is the message that it bears so I hope you guys, -the readers- could see through what it truly implies.



Life with its ups and downs

its sweets and sours

in its hopeless hours

from its twists and turns.


Life with its surprises and disguises

its illusions and delusions,

carried away by its pleasures and leisures

ending up with frustrations and confusions.


Life with its fantasies and realities

its dreams and its demons

taken aback and away by elusive means and misguiding visions

        entangling up with unwanted complexities and inescapable perplexions.


Life is too short to wait,  too precious to waste,

too brittle to break,  and too much to take.


Some say it’s a living hell…  for some just buy or sell,

while others say its just another story to tell.


Life nowadays… is too fast to pace,

                    too rare to miss,

           too unpredictable to anticipate,

                    too smart to outsmart,

        too fishy to mess with,

                 too unstable to sustain, 

too returnable to own,

And most of all, too easy to take for granted.


Now if you only got one single Life,

what are you going to do with it?

Life (Wordplay)

We all walk through this life with so many eerie unanswered questions, and yet it is this personal real-life, real-time life experiences that draws us much more nearer to our longed expected reality or answer, or worse, may sometimes even drives us much more unnecessarily further away from the ledges of it. And also, we go through inexplicably nasty life’s perplexities and crazy ever winding series of ordeals and/or experiences, that to some, may end up developing a nausea or phobia of no longer trying again or already giving up without even starting… but to some much luckier few, may only make them even much more ever tolerant and flexible to any impromptu or on the spot adversity of situations thrust at them. Well, for me, I just can’t categorize myself in any of this choices ’cause I’m still struggling and stranded in between. 
Nevertheless, I can’t give you out the best “formulae” or the best tips regarding the best possible ways in dealing with life’s complicated problems or dilemma, or mysterious instances. ‘Cause I believe no one is in the position of doing so, that’s why you have to experience it and see it through yourself and all by yourself… “bravely, alone.”
Anyways i can only give you some random life’s key words and definitions that are based on my experiences, i just hope in some way or another it could yield some bit of help or guide for you.
So just sit back and enjoy.
Here are the definitions:
                 1. It is the science of feelings, and shape-shifter of meanings.
                 2. It is the last final lost piece of the puzzle that modern day Science never had, and could never obtain to have.
                 3. It works like an auto-immune system of the human soul, psyche of his psychology that gives him the adamant ability to rise up again in every defeat, revive in every failure, and reinvigorate or re-spawn again whenever burned out or burned up from the pitfalls of his endeavors.
                 4. It is the basic human ability that enables him to overcome any kind of given obstacle, even the most hardest or harshest of life’s circumstances, even that w/c is still alien to him, he can triumph over or withstand with however what.
                  5. It sets us further away apart from our divine boss if not settled abruptly, openly, and/or timely.
                  6. It is something that the supernatural from the heavenly upstairs imposes upon his people, in order not to make them suffer, but to make them remember.
                  7. It is the only way to have real peace of mind and ease in heart.
                  8. It crucially cradles the serenity of the human soul, emotion, and uplifting its spirit.
               9. The point where in finally realizing what is realistically applicable from the only imaginings.
               10. It keeps your head on the ground and your thoughts and feet on the right place.
                11. Best teacher.
              12. Greatest healer.
Here are the choices of keywords.
Time                                           Will To Survive           Experience
Love                                            Truth/Honesty            Punishment
Undying Fighting Spirit         Prayer                          Point of Practicality
Good Soulful-                            Reality                          Sin
   and Inspirational Music
Note: The twist and the catch here is, for example… the answer to no. 2 can also be the answer to number 8. But unlike any other matching type word problem, every definition has it own rightful precise place and answer, like an imaginary jigsaw puzzle ever fitted altogether in a much bigger picture we call… “Life.”
Btw. i humbly and modestly appreciate all your warm welcome and support, more power to all social media users and its communities. Keep it up everyone!!!