1.  Lust – (Always keep yourself busy. Always tap on to prayer ’cause it’s spiritually helpful in order to come to a higher sense of disinterest in the carnal/worldly.)

2. Envy/ Discontentment – (Always count your blessings no matter how big or unnoticeably small it is. Be grateful and thankful in everything that’s been given.)

3. Pride/ Ego – (Always be humble. Always be a servant to other people instead of being served or adored.)

4. Bitterness/ Hatred – (Always instill a forviging heart inspite of or despite what the cause. Without holding back.)

5. Avarice/ Too much Self-Centeredness – (Always be the kind of person who always share, may it be anything useful for survival. May it be foods, extra used clothings to under privileged or people who just been victims of disaster, some extra penny to our roaming homeless brethren helplessly lost in the streets.
And better yet why not share the spiritual teachings that you learned from your church, your christian congregation, and even from your personal self study of the Bible.)

6. Temper/ Grudge – (Always openly talk out everything to your fellow friend, brother, relative or even to people whom your not likely to be accustomed with, whenever difference arise within your invisible yet most likely unpredictable, only human feelings.
Just always simply be open to others, while often delight in peace and harmony within the inner reaches of the community
you’re presently involved in.)

7. Insecurity/ Self-Pity – (Faith in the Lord first and foremost, then come along faith and strength within oneself that the Holy Spirit would instill upon it’s believing people.)

8. Vanity/ Self Esteem – (It’s ok to be vain sometimes cause it just shows how much confidence and determination our present day millennials have. And like it or not, there are some people who like to flourish/nourish their self esteem on a regular basis, because to them it may be empowering to some extent, and yet normally, in the natural course of human nature we all need to replenish our self esteem every now and then, because we all need to grow not just in physicality but also in the mind, in spirit and psychologically in the right way through the heart.
As long as you know how to control it and be able to determine you points of limitation.)

9. Indolence/ Mañana Habbit – (Amongst most of all our inner demons, this is what likely is the most easiest one to address if acted upon abruptly, and have that attitude to never tolerate unfinished work/job. It’s typically a fact that once you finally finished your job, we always get that sense of self valuation and accomplishment to strive for something more.)

10. Insensitive/Being Over Frank; Disregard Of Others Feelings –
(We must always filter and control whatever words or things we might say to others that mostly comes from our thoughts, for it will remain a sting or a stain to the other persons life, no matter how unintentional we intended to have made that wrong remark. It is always wise to just keep your cool and just keep silent when you knew there’s nothing much more worth verbally relaying into that could help the situation. And just let it pass you.)

11. Dishonesty;  Lies – (It is really crude to keep feeding people around you with unnecessary information, or untruthful fact that may in some way hurt someone’s well guarded reputation. Truly the act of lying for some might be inevitable in a given uncharted circumstance, but it doesn’t mean that the person committing that sin/act is internally unchangeable,  if only the cause of the fault did really have a significant reason and a valid purpose.)


12. Failure/ Frustration – (Always bear an ever accepting heart no matter what the result in that endeavor/advocacy you had long been fighting on, or in anything you had just invested yourself into, may it be application for work, a try in micro business, a risk in taking on a new relationship, etc. Remember that every defeat and every pitfall has it’s hidden valuable reason which the only one up above knows. You just need to learn to trust. And always have faith in trying, be persistent/ persevering even despite the great odds. But most of all always posses a positive outlook that one day, in God’s appointed time for you, whatever plans or goals you had whole-heartedly delve yourself into, it will all soon come to fruition and come to pass in order to serve its fateful purpose.)


#Everything Would Be Easy If You Don’t Think Its Hard, As Simple As That.


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