1. Time to be all by one’s self, all alone in meditation.

2. Doing the usual home chores, get yourself busy on tasks. That can be somehow sensefully rewarding in a way and help you think or easily figure out a way to get through anything that is/had been mind bothering to you.

3. Eating sweets or foods that have good tastes.

4. Washing up or taking a bath, is the easiest way to channel to your senses once you have cleaned yourself up.

5. Arrange or organize your room neatly or orderly. It always refreshes the mind whenever you see your personal surroundings harmoniously neat and clean.

6. Get busy on mobile games or any software games that always stimulates the rush on your mind such as strategy games or the like.

7. Always maintain a positive vibe and inspirational mind setting no matter how troublesome or irksome reality of everyday life throws at you.

8. Always have time for silence and prayer. Communicate with your creator every now and then, always be appreciative and thankful for all the blessings that came your way, and always ask for his aid. And most of all be attentively honest and open to acknowledge your everyday shortcomings no matter how big or small it may be.

9. Always be discerning to the needs of other people. It can always give you a sense of worthyness once you lend a helpful hand towards the needs of others most esp. the once in need.

10. Watch movies or tv scenes that have a deep sense that could connect to what your going through most esp. the inspirational and meaningful ones that are shown every now and then. It could be nourishing to some extent most esp. at low times when your inner self is feeling broken or restless.

11. Connect with old and new friends. The old ones which can make you recall your sense of purpose and worth as to why you exist here in this temporal material plane you are thriving onto. And the new ones that can inspire you to believe and hope again that there’s always a bright future waiting ahead. Fresh new beginning and ideas are always enlightening and could sometimes awaken the courage of a warrior and the wisdom of a sensei in you, not to mention the pouring out of the deep well of hopeless romanticness of romance from an underrated hero patiently awaiting to thrust out the sword of his reckless unfaded love.

12. Most important of all, always find time to rest at least 8 hours a day. The basic golden rule that up to now is always effective and manifests productivity in all human aspects. A sense of comfort after a hard days work with some emotional reconsolence every here and unto.


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