I’m glad to had written this poem almost two decades ago in the year sometime in 2000 or 2001, I could not specifically remember what date but I’m pretty sure of the in between years when I wrote it. I just thought of sharing this one, because of the fact that it still really personally bugs me, that after one and a half decade of writing this what I thought back then was just as a plain simple hobby of mine in order to practice and improve my literary writing skills (back then I was still in my college freshmen years), yet now it is slowly unfolding into a prediction and it’s becoming so apparent that it could apply to the current situation now… most specifically in this current passing generation, knowing long years had already passed.

Anyways what is important is the message that it bears so I hope you guys, -the readers- could see through what it truly implies.



Life with its ups and downs

its sweets and sours

in its hopeless hours

from its twists and turns.


Life with its surprises and disguises

its illusions and delusions,

carried away by its pleasures and leisures

ending up with frustrations and confusions.


Life with its fantasies and realities

its dreams and its demons

taken aback and away by elusive means and misguiding visions

        entangling up with unwanted complexities and inescapable perplexions.


Life is too short to wait,  too precious to waste,

too brittle to break,  and too much to take.


Some say it’s a living hell…  for some just buy or sell,

while others say its just another story to tell.


Life nowadays… is too fast to pace,

                    too rare to miss,

           too unpredictable to anticipate,

                    too smart to outsmart,

        too fishy to mess with,

                 too unstable to sustain, 

too returnable to own,

And most of all, too easy to take for granted.


Now if you only got one single Life,

what are you going to do with it?


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