We all walk through this life with so many eerie unanswered questions, and yet it is this personal real-life, real-time life experiences that draws us much more nearer to our longed expected reality or answer, or worse, may sometimes even drives us much more unnecessarily further away from the ledges of it. And also, we go through inexplicably nasty life’s perplexities and crazy ever winding series of ordeals and/or experiences, that to some, may end up developing a nausea or phobia of no longer trying again or already giving up without even starting… but to some much luckier few, may only make them even much more ever tolerant and flexible to any impromptu or on the spot adversity of situations thrust at them. Well, for me, I just can’t categorize myself in any of this choices ’cause I’m still struggling and stranded in between. 
Nevertheless, I can’t give you out the best “formulae” or the best tips regarding the best possible ways in dealing with life’s complicated problems or dilemma, or mysterious instances. ‘Cause I believe no one is in the position of doing so, that’s why you have to experience it and see it through yourself and all by yourself… “bravely, alone.”
Anyways i can only give you some random life’s key words and definitions that are based on my experiences, i just hope in some way or another it could yield some bit of help or guide for you.
So just sit back and enjoy.
Here are the definitions:
                 1. It is the science of feelings, and shape-shifter of meanings.
                 2. It is the last final lost piece of the puzzle that modern day Science never had, and could never obtain to have.
                 3. It works like an auto-immune system of the human soul, psyche of his psychology that gives him the adamant ability to rise up again in every defeat, revive in every failure, and reinvigorate or re-spawn again whenever burned out or burned up from the pitfalls of his endeavors.
                 4. It is the basic human ability that enables him to overcome any kind of given obstacle, even the most hardest or harshest of life’s circumstances, even that w/c is still alien to him, he can triumph over or withstand with however what.
                  5. It sets us further away apart from our divine boss if not settled abruptly, openly, and/or timely.
                  6. It is something that the supernatural from the heavenly upstairs imposes upon his people, in order not to make them suffer, but to make them remember.
                  7. It is the only way to have real peace of mind and ease in heart.
                  8. It crucially cradles the serenity of the human soul, emotion, and uplifting its spirit.
               9. The point where in finally realizing what is realistically applicable from the only imaginings.
               10. It keeps your head on the ground and your thoughts and feet on the right place.
                11. Best teacher.
              12. Greatest healer.
Here are the choices of keywords.
Time                                           Will To Survive           Experience
Love                                            Truth/Honesty            Punishment
Undying Fighting Spirit         Prayer                          Point of Practicality
Good Soulful-                            Reality                          Sin
   and Inspirational Music
Note: The twist and the catch here is, for example… the answer to no. 2 can also be the answer to number 8. But unlike any other matching type word problem, every definition has it own rightful precise place and answer, like an imaginary jigsaw puzzle ever fitted altogether in a much bigger picture we call… “Life.”
Btw. i humbly and modestly appreciate all your warm welcome and support, more power to all social media users and its communities. Keep it up everyone!!!

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